Friday, July 2, 2010

Why a almost Hippy???

You might notice that I call myself an almost hippy...  
Part of my journey..... I come from blue collar stock.... Married and lived a middle class life... divorced and lived at the lower end of middle class...   where I guess I still sort of  am....  

Some of my ideals are hippy like according to some people in my life... I try and be green  I use natural products to clean when ever I can, I use herbal medicines in preference to presribed stuff ( but i do go to doctors and do use prescribed medicines)     I dress low key..... have no interest in Brands or fashion ...  etc

Ideaslistically I'd like to
  • rely on my car less,  but am too lazy.......    
  • live more simply, but stuff keeps multiplying in my house
  • eat more healthily... organically.... and Australian.....  I attempt to buy Australian and organic but not yet healthily
  • I am attempting to buy fair trade (chocolate, tea and coffee so far)  but it is more expensive....
  • I aim to try and buy from small businesses, rather than giant conglomerates but my kids LOVE maccas!
 Maybe some day I'll share things I have found out that have led me to Fair Trade purchases.   

Enough meandering ramblings  for today.....   ciao


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