Monday, October 4, 2010


Taking a shower this morning, luxuriating in it's warmth, and not wanting to get out, my eyes fell upon the little 4 minute egg timer i have in my shower and it got me thinking...  now that the drought is over how quickly i fall back into excess water usage.

When we first started on water restrctions, i had a bucket in the shower to catch the first water while shower warms up and some of the water used while showering, the bucket is still there but I no longer use it to flush the toilet like I used to (it sickens me to think of the drinking quality water we waste flushing)  but I had become to lazy to tke the extra couple of minutes it requires to reach into shower cubicle, carry bucket to loo and "flush"

I really hope the government doesn't lift any more water restrictions, as it seems to develop complacency, we take it as our right, (not privilege) many people in this world would love to have water near there homes let alone running water right in them......

My challenge to myself this week is to resume using the shower bucket and the shower timer , as one of the best ways to solve a problem is to be part of the solution!!!

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