Monday, January 10, 2011

Alternative lifestyles

I find it fascinating reading about people's lifetyles, and blogs are a great way to do this.

I am a self confessed techno junkie, I love my computer and the WWW.  I watch Tv (quite a lot)  I play video games alone and with my kids...      this is partly fuelled by having an Aspie son, (Asperger Syndrome)  yes its on the Autism spectrum, his whole world is tied up with electronics particularly XBOX and the game called HALO  and has gotten Xbox live recently.   He gets comfort from the instant feed back that computers give him,  the stimulation and the sameness.... and the interaction with people where u dont have to read body language to understand.  Every ones focus is killing the baddies.......  and if u don't get on/along well, u switch them off kick them out

we dont get out much Mr. ASpie prefers to hang around home, hates shopping, getting too old for playgrounds..... finds travelling in the car tedious and overloads his senses. The sun is too bright, too hot, or there is a smell coming form aircon, the radio is too loud or too soft, or playing a "gay"  (meaning not popular) song. 

so we stay home ... a lot.....   this is hard for me as a social person, i get friends to visit as much as possible.....   and I escape to the WWW,  facebook, blogs and TV and the like

recently an aquaintance prided themselves on their "getting rid of technology"  and i applaud this, but do not feel the need to follow suit, so why am i made to feel "less"  i am told TV and facebook numbs the mind... well in my life TV and facebook have saved me!!!    being on my own a lot with an ASpie son i am thankfull for the technology i have access to

makes me wonder what ASpies and their parents did 100 years ago?  


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