Monday, February 20, 2012

wow almost a year on and I haven't been blogging on here for a while.....

Not that I haven't had any thoughts, or ramblings, but I went back to Uni to do some study and wasted spare time on FACEBOOK!!!   arrgghhh

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook.. i enjoy touching base with a large group of people from the comfort of my lounge room,  have reconnected with high school friends after 30years.  
we are meeting up with about 25 ppl some from interstate,   I am looking forward to it.   Most of us are regular people, some still married some never married some divorced like me.  A few have grandkids already!! 

that has been a good part of facebook.  I have also connected with cousins who live in Holland, another good part.

the bad is the games, I get hooked into them, and I play for hours logging on multiple times over the day to get to the next level, i have cut back to 2 games and scrabble, ok 3 games, hehehe

I have many other things i could be doing hobbies, real friends, etc   but i find myself logging on for 5 min and staying for a couple of hours......       time sucking FACEBOOK

ok the challenge spend less time on facebook each day. 

maybe pick up a paintbrush ....  


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